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Infant Swing Recalled for Strangulation Hazard

October 19, 2012 02:13pm  
Infant Swing Recalled for Strangulation Hazard

On October 18, 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that Dream On Me Inc based out of South Plainfield, New Jersey, is voluntarily recalling their Happy Swing II infant swings.  The CPSC states no injuries have yet occurred, but consumers need to stop using the product immediately.  The swing poses a strangulation hazard.  

Dream On Me Inc states that an opening between the tray and the seat or the grab bar and the seat can cause the child to slip through and become trapped at their neck—especially if parents do not strap in the infant with the belt.  

The swing was manufactured in China and shipped to Dream On Me Inc. in South Plainfield, New Jersey.  About 560 of the swings were then sold by specialty retailers and CSN stores across the country.  The swings were also sold online at Wayfair and Amazon from October 2010 to September of 2012.  The products sold for about $80 to $130.  

The fabric for the infant swing comes in either red or green, and the swing comes with both a tray and grab bar attachment.  The model number for the triangularly-framed swing is “432,” and the number is printed on the frame of the swing.  The swing is operated by battery.  

Consumers need to stop using the swing immediately and contact Dream On Me for replacement options.  The company announces that consumers have the choice of receiving a free replacement or a free Melody Musical baby walker instead.  

If you have additional questions about the voluntary recall, you can contact Dream On Me at (877) 201-4317 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday.  You can also visit the company’s website for more information about the recall.  

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


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