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Avandamet Lawsuit

Avandamet Lawsuit

What is Avandamet?

Avandamet is a combinatory drug (metformin and rosiglitazone) that helps control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Avandamet is effective by decreasing the amount of sugar that the liver produces and intestines absorb. Moreover, Avandamet aims to make the body more sensitive to insulin that is already naturally produced. Avandamet is prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes who do not take daily insulin injections. Avandamet is never prescribed nor meant for treating type 1 diabetes.

Taking Avandamet may increase your risk of developing serious heart problems. Avandamet is only made available through a special program called the Avandia-Rosiglitazone Medicines Access Program. Prospective patients must be registered in this program and sign documents stating that you acknowledge the risks and benefits of the medication.

Avandamet Warnings:

The rosiglitazone found in Avandamet may cause or worsen certain heart conditions. If you experience this Avandamet side effect please seek immediate medical attention. Common symptoms of such a Avandamet side effect include: swelling of the feet or hands; unusual or sudden weight gain; trouble breathing and chest discomfort or chest pain.

In addition to these Avandamet warnings, the metformin in the medication can cause an Avandamet side effect known as lactic acidosis, which may be fatal. Although this Avandamet side effect is extremely rare, you must seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms: unusual tiredness, cold skin, muscle pain, unusually slow or irregular heartbeat and rapid or difficulty breathing. Lactic acidosis is more common in patient who have: surgery, liver or kidney disease, serious infection, excessive alcohol use, recent stroke or heart attack, severe congestive heart failure or a lack of bodily fluids.

The most concerning Avandamet side effect revolves around the possibility of an increase in serious heart problems. To minimize such Avandamet side effects, the medication is not made available to people who are allergic to metformin or Avandia (rosiglitazone) or to people who have kidney disease, advanced heart failure or those in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Because of the risks and adverse reactions associated with the drug, many users have filed Avandamet lawsuits in hopes of securing Avandamet settlements. An Avandamet lawsuit is filed by an individual who suffered a heart attack, stroke or any other life-altering or threatening medical condition as a result of Avandamet-use. Avandamet lawsuits are filed to secure Avandamet settlements, which provide compensation as a means to offset the costs associated with lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering and medical expenses.

Avandamet Lawsuits:

Avandamet, which again is comprised of metformin and rosiglitazone, is a popular drug for Type 2 diabetes patients. Formally approved by the FDA in 1999, Avandamet works by reducing sugar produced by the liver, thus making the body more sensitive to naturally created insulin. That being said, Avandamet is commonly linked to heart problems, such as heart attacks and stroke. Because of these drastic Avandamet side effects, GlaxoSmithKline, the drug’s manufacturer, faces an assortment of Avandamet lawsuits.

The United States Food and Drug Administration, in 2010, first reported the possible link to cardiovascular troubles in patients using rosiglitazone. Because of various findings, the FDA restricted the use of Avandamet, allowing only individuals who do not respond to other diabetes medications to be prescribed Avandamet. This specialized regulation came years after the FDA removed Avandamet from the market.

Avandamet lawsuits are personal injury claims where patients injured after consuming Avandamet seek Avandamet settlements from GlaxoSmithKline. Whether filed as an individual Avandamet lawsuit or a class action Avandamet lawsuit, all personal claims filed against Avandamet seek Avandamet settlements. An affected patient, to secure Avandamet settlements, must prove the following:

• The patient’s injuries were directly caused by taking Avandamet

• GlaxoSmithKline was aware about the severe Avandamet side effects and failed to properly advertise them or disclose them to the FDA and the general public.

Avandamet patients who develop the following conditions can likely file an Avandamet lawsuit:

• Avandia settlements may be attained for congestive heart failure

• Avandia settlements may be attained for heart attacks

• Avandia settlements may be attained for severe allergic reactions

• Avandia settlements may be attained for strokes

• Avandia settlements may be attained for liver toxicity

Family members of patients who suffer a fatal injury as a result of Avandia complications may also be entitled to Avandia settlements. In these Avandia lawsuits, the family should file a wrongful death suit as a personal filing.

Starting Avandia Lawsuits:

The first step to starting an Avandia lawsuit is to meet with a legal specialist (personal injury attorney, wrongful death attorney, medical malpractice attorney etc.) for a consultation. During this preliminary meeting, injured Avandia patients may:

• The injured patient will find out if he or she has a strong case against GlaxoSmithKline

• The injured patient will learn more about the process of building an Avandia lawsuit

• The injured patient can secure information concerning proceeding and Avandia settlements in similar cases

• The injured patient can determine whether to file an individual Avandia lawsuit or join a class action Avandia lawsuit.

Consultations for Avandia lawsuits are typically free

Should I hire a Lawyer?

Before pursuing litigation, it is suggested that you hire a lawyer who is experienced with Avandia or other drug suits. Studies indicate that a plaintiff is far more likely to secure an Avandia settlement if they work with an experienced legal professional. The benefits attached to legal representation include:

• An Avandia lawyer can find experts to testify in legal proceedings; Avandia lawyers bolster the patient’s ability to prove the case

• An Avandia lawyer can negotiate with GlaxoSmithKline’s corporate legal team.

• An Avandia lawyer may research similar cases to ensure that the proper compensation is secured.

Avandia’s Legal History:

The acceleration of Avandia lawsuits arose due to the expansion of use for Avandia medications. Avandia sales in the United States routinely eclipse $2 billion per year; as these drugs continue to grow in popularity, a proportional amount of research will be conducted to ensure safe and effective use. Since Avandia has been on the market, GlaxoSmithKline has been sued over 13,000 times. Some of these suits results in significant Avandia settlements while others were thrown out. Regardless, if you feel that you have sustained an injury or illness as a result of Avandia, please do not hesitate to contact a medical professional.

A brief guide to Avandamet lawsuits

The prescription medication Avandamet has been associated with several side effects. To prevent the formation of mass Avandamet lawsuits, the drug's manufacturer incorporates FDA warnings concerning health risks in their official information about the drug. Similarly, physicians are required to explain all potential side effects and monitor patient health to limit the formation of Avandamet lawsuits related to malpractice.

Before prescribing the medication, a physician must elucidate on all potential side effects. To effectively do this, the physician must procure their patient's full medical history; the doctor must know what their patient is allergic to and whether or not they have battled any heart, kidney or liver-related ailment in the past. Patients with liver problems are particularly at risk for serious side effects. Serious complications which could have been prevented by a competent physician are potential grounds for Avandamet lawsuits.

Prior to beginning treatment, patients should read all information provided by the drug's manufacturer. This detailed overview of all potential side effects makes it unlikely that you will be able to pursue an Avandamet lawsuit related to inadequate manufacturer warnings. You should read this information before making a decision as to whether you feel comfortable attempting this treatment plan.

Avandamet lawsuits can be launched by loved ones if patients suffer fatal heart attacks. To successfully file an Avandamet lawsuit, the patient's family must demonstrate physician negligence.

As a patient, it is your responsibility to adhere to a physician's intake directions. Patients who exceed their recommended dosage or endanger their health through misuse cannot pursue Avandamet lawsuits. Any adverse effects resulting from over consumption is the sole responsibility of the patient. Likewise, it is the patient's responsibility to relay any serious or recurring side effects to a physician. An Avandamet lawsuit cannot be effective if a physician was not informed of all experienced complications.

Do not attempt self-representation when pursuing Avandamet lawsuits. Such litigation is complicated and involves the transformation of highly technical medical evidence to legally correct form. An attorney experienced in conducting an Avandamet lawsuit should be consulted to evaluate whether you have a case likely to result in compensation.

If you are not able to afford legal representation, options still exist to pursue a legal remedy. Many lawyers may agree to meet for free if your Avandamet lawsuit has a high chance of success. Should they view your case as strong, the legal professional may agree to represent you for free in return for a percentage of your impending settlement.





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